History of Pakistan Athletics 1948 - 1967

It is usual to cite the ancient Greeks as the earliest people to have organized athletic competitions, and the world athlete come from Greek 'athlos contest' and Athlon prize from which come the verb athlein contend for a prize. Some 13th centuries before Christ and the Greeks had brought organized competitive athletics to high standard are obviously inseparable from the Greek records and the Olympic Games which comprised track and field events in running, jumping and throwing. Most modern athletic events resemble the old categories.

Between 1880 and the outback of the 'First World War' governing athletic bodies or associations were found in many parts of the world. And in 1912 the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) was instituted. In 1977 the first World Athletics Championship in athletics was staged.

Pakistan has never won any athletic medal in Olympics. Her athletes do not got chance to participate in World Athletic Championship due to poor standard, but Pakistan has been a force to be reckoned with in Asia Games, Commonwealth Games and South Asian Games. Many Pakistani athletes won medals and even held records for many years in these prestigious competitions. The fifties, sixties and seventies were the golden era of the Pakistani athletics. Pakistan produces very good athletes, who dominated the Asian athletic scene for a number of years. Some of them created the Asian Games records, which were broken after a lot of effort by other Asian athletes. The one time 'Fastest man of Asia' Abdul Khaliq belonged to Pakistan. He was seldom beaten in the 100 and 200 meters sprints in the Asian Games athletic event. His record stood for quite some time. GulamRaziq was the greatest hurdler of Asia. He was included in the ten best hurdlers of his time. It's a long list of Pakistan athletes' performances in different athletic meets,however, some golden moments are being mentioned below.

14thOlympics Games London - 1948

It was for the first time for Pakistan correspondents to represent in Olympic Games. A team of 05 players and 03 officials participated. Even with great stamina and courage, Pakistan's representation was remarkable.

Military Championship Brussels – 1952

05 team members participated and represented Pakistan in cross country military championship held in Brussels. Pakistan team put up a good performance in the closely contested race. Amongst nine nations, Pakistan secured 4th position.

15thOlympics GamesHelsinki - 1952

A team of 16 athletes with 04 official participated in Helsinki Olympics, athletes qualified for the 2nd rounds. Experiences from 1952 games put forth mile for future achievements.

Triangular Meet –White City - 1952

Passing through the Olympics, experienced Pakistan athletes showed a great confidence and courage in the triangular meet near London. Pakistan athletes were regarded as extremely encouraging at the event.

2ndAsian Games - 1954

Being experienced from international events 18 athletes participated in Asian Games held in Manila. Asian Games prove to be a successive ground for Pakistan.

Ø 1st International medal for Pakistan

Ø Award of Asia's Fastest Man (Hav. Abdul Khaliq)

Ø New Asian Games record 100m in 10.6 Sec. (Hav. Abdul Khaliq)

Ø New Asian Games record 200m in 21.6 Sec. (Mohammad Sharif Butt)

Ø New Asian Games record 400m-H in 56.1 Sec. (Mirza Khan)

Ø New Asian Games record Javelin throw 210 Ft & 10-1/8 Inches.(Mohammad Nawaz)

Ø Pakistan Athletes were able to collect 08 medals.

Commonwealth Games - 1954

A group of 09 persons participated in the event in the Vancouver, Players shown their extreme heat and were able to collect 04 medals for Pakistan.

International Military Athletes Meet - 1955

In the event, Pakistan Army men showed their extreme spirit and gave an anonymous performance for Pakistan. America was the only country which won more medals than Pakistan. Team earned honors for Pakistan in 3000m steeplechase, 110m H, Triple Jump, long jump, shot put javelin throw and hammer throw.

Indo-Pak Athletics Meet – 1956

It was for the first time that both nations were in front to each other in the field of sports in Delhi. India won 13 against 08 Pakistan. The highlight of the event was "sprint double" by Abdul Khaliq, he clocked 10.4 seconds in 100m race. He also created a new Pakistan 200m race record by clicking it at 21.4 seconds.

Military Championship berlin -1956

Pakistan's 16 athletes participation in championship was remarkable, they earned 09 medals in the event and secured 2nd position overall next to USA athletes in the championship.

Pakistan in England – 1956(England and Empire Games)

Pakistan's tour to England was enormous by all aspects; athletes showed their extra ordinary spirit and established remarkable performance:

Ø Abdul Khaliq& Jalal Khan won all 04 meets they took part.

Ø Abdul Khaliq defeated England No.1 & 2 Shanton& Spooner respectively in both sprints.

Ø Abdul Khaliq won 100 yards race in 10.1 seconds in Highland Games and set back all athletes from 15 European countries.

Ø Jalal Khan created a new British Empire record in Javelin Throw to 233 ft, 10-1/2 inches.

Ø Allah Ditta cleared 12 ft. 6 inches Pole Vault in England and Empire Games and won 1st Place.

Athletic Meet Tehran -1956

02 Athletes from Pakistan, Mahboob Jan & Mubarak Shah, participated in Tehran Meet on the eve of Birthday Celebrations of Shah of Iran, Both of them stood first in their 800m and 5000m races.

16thOlympiad Games Melbourne -1956

16 athletes with 04 officials participated in the event, Pakistan secured highest points amongst the Asian countries participating in the Games. Abdul Khaliq's Achievements placed him amongst seven best runners of the world in sprint races. In performance 100m H, Ghulam Raziq established new Pakistan record of 14.3 Sec. Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Nawaz & Jalal Khan did their best to achieve their positions in the games.

International Meet Tehran – 1957

Pakistan team consisting of 16 athletes participated in Tehran meet, Pakistan win almost all games of the event securing 12 out of 14 games except 5000m and Triple Jump. Pakistan team showed their high standard of sports in the event.

World Military Meet Athens – 1957

15 Athletes participated in World Military Meet in leader ship of G. Cap MahboobParacha. Raziq, Iqbal and Abdul Khaliq performed well throughout the event. Pakistan secured 5th position.

Manchester Meet – 1957

Abdul Khaliq equaled the British all – comers' record of 9.6 sec for 100 yards sprint. Ghulam Raziq finished third in 110m hurdles race in 14.9 seconds.

Dublin Athletic Meet – 1957

Abdul Khaliq beaten Britain's D Robert, and won 100 yards, time of all tree heats was 9.8 Seconds. In 120m high hurdle race Ghulam Raziq secured second position in 14.6 Seconds.

Highland Games Edinburg – 1957

Pakistan Athletes team won 02 events and gained 04 places in the Highland Games. Abdul Khaliq won 100 yards race in 9.9 Seconds.

London – 1957

Abdul Khaliq finish closely to Britain's R Sandstorm in 100m dash held at white city in London. Sandstorm won in 10.5 Seconds with Abdul Khaliq second position in 10.6 Seconds. The event was one of the invitational races held parallel with British Soviet Union match.

3rd Asian Games Tokyo – 1958

Pakistan athletes performed well throughout the Games in all events. Abdul Khaliq, Ghulam Raziq, Mubarak Shah, Mohammad Iqbal & Mohammad Nawaz won top positions in their events. Pakistan won totally 05-Gold, 04-Silver and 04-Bronze medals.

Commonwealth Games Cardiff – 1958

In commonwealth games held in Cardiff, 15 members participated, they all showed their extreme spirit to all events they participated. Pakistan was placed 7 th amongst 35 nations participating in Games.

White City Games (London) – 1958

Pakistan athletes' spirit was remarkable in the white city games, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Iqbal and Ramzan Ali made major setbacks in Amateur Athletic Association Championship and Empire Games. Pakistan put forth to 2nd place in two days meet in Brittan.

Dual Empire Games Edinburg – 1958

Athletes showed a good temperament in different events of games, Ghulam Raziq, Allah Ditta, Ramzan Ali and Abdul Khaliq secured their position for Pakistan.

Military Games Brussels – 1958

Ghulam Raziq, Jalal Khan, Mohammad Nawaz and Ramzan Ali Participated in the Games and who their medals and positions. Ghulam Raziq won gold medal second year as well in succession in the event 110m H at International Military Games.

Various Meets U.K – 1958

A team of Pakistan Athletes consistent of Mhammad Iqbal, Abdul Khaliq, Mohammad Nawaz, Jalal Khan, Ghulam Raziq, Allah Ditta, RamzanAliand Ghulam Sarwar in management of Sh. Zafar Ali Participated in various meets held in U.K during 1959 and won the glory for Pakistan.

Bradford Games – 1959

03 athletes participated in games held at Bradford, Abdul Khaliq, Ramzan Ali and Ghulam Razik won their medals and position in the sprints.

70th Amateur Athletics Championship – 1959

In White City championship, Mohammad Iqbal, Jalal Khan, Allah Ditta, Ghulam Raziq and Ramzan Ali participated and secured their positions.

International Meet Dublin – 1959

All athletes in captaincy of Mohammad Iqbal, performed remarkably good and grabbed their titles

Ø Allah Ditta won pole vault clearing 13 ft. 6 inches.

Ø Mohammad Iqbal won Hammer throw at an altitude of 193 ft. 4 inches.

Ø Abdul Khaliq triumphed in 220 yards clocking 22.2 seconds from Abarding of Dublin.

Ø Ghulam Raziq won 120 yards hardles race in 14.2 seconds.

Ø Ramzan Ali made a fabulous win with a leap of 22 ft 11 inches in long jump event.

International Meet Cardiff – 1959

Ramzan Ali, Allah Ditta and Ghulam Raziq expressed their best performance in the International Meet held at Cardiff. Ramzan Ali won the title and got injured in his first several heats and others were also able to maintain their titles in their games.

Dual Meet – 1959

In the International Dual Meet organized by the concurrently with Welsh Amateur Athletics Association Championship, Pakistan was 2nd by surprising points rating 33-38 with in comparison to Wales. Pakistan won very first two events of Javelin throw, Abdul Khaliq and Ghulam Sawar got positions in their sprints.

Goetburg Meet – 1959

Allah Dita and Ghulam Raziq took 1st two places in 14.4 seconds each in 110 meters. In 100 meters race Abdul Khaliq was fourth.

Glasgow Meet – 1959

Pakistan athletes performed enormously throughout the meet, they won 03 out of 04 invitational events in which they competed with the international athletes at Glasgow.

Maimoe International Track Meet – 1959

Ghulam Raziq, Abdul Khaliq, Ramzan Ali and Allah Ditta perform well and secure positions for the country. Pakistan stood second in 400m relay race.

Uddewala Meet – 1959

Ghulam Raziq won the 110m H with timing of 14.2 seconds breaking the stadium's as well as Pakistan record.

Vaenjol (Sweden) – 1959

Pakistan Athletes were in a tough meet with U.S and other nation's players, still GhulaRaziq and Allah Ditta secured second places in their events.

Gaevle (Sweden) – 1959

Ghulam Raziq won the event of 110m H race in 14.2 seconds and Mohammad Iqbal Hammered his throw to 61.45m as his event winning best throw while Abdul Khaliq and Allah Ditta secure second places in their events.

Stockholm Meet – 1959

Pakistan athletes were in good competing with US and British athletes, still Pakistan won 02 events on behalf of AbdulRaziq and Mohammad Iqbal performances.In the event of Pole Vault and 100m race Allah Ditta and Abdul Khaliq got 2nd positions in their respective events.

Boraas (Sweden) – 1959

Ghulam Raziq, Abdul Khaliq and Mohammad Iqbal glorified their struggles by winning their events for the 1st Position in the Boraas Meet for the Pakistan.

Gothenburg Meet – 1959

Allah Ditta regained his performances from last year Empire Games and won the pole vault here in Gothenburg Meet. He cleared the pole at 4.15 m for the 1 st position. Abdul Khaliq and Ramzan Ali secured second positions.

London Meet – 1959

Members of Pakistan Athletic team scored 02 successes in the International match at Muney Field Stadium in Highland Games.

C I S M Rome – 1959

Pakistan's 03 men team consisted of Mohammad Iqbal, Ghulam Raziq and Mohammad Nawaz won 02 titles. Mohammad Iqbal won second title in Hammer Throw as well.

Triangular Meet Lahore – 1960

After a lapse of four years, Pakistan played host to India in the triangular meet held at Lahore accompanied with Iran as third participant of the meet during 1960. Pakistan dominated the Triangular Meet. Pakistan won 10 out of 20, acquiring 10 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze Medals.

17th Olympic Games Rome – 1960

Rome Olympics proved to be a big challenge for Pakistan athletes as well as to the other nations of the entire world. Although the athletes from other world progressed very much, but still many of renowned players were not able list their names in best six. Abdul Khaliq and Mubarak Shah proved hard to failure and were very proficient in their events.

C I S M Brussels – 1961

Ghulam Raziq clocked 14.4 seconds to win his 110m hurdles final. Mohammad Nawaz and Malik Noor showed their good performances to maintain their positions in the international meet.

CISM Vught(Belgium) – 1962

A team of 04 athletes participated in International Meet held in Belgium and athletes proved good results for Pakistan

Ø Mohammad Nawaz won 1st medal of the meet for Pakistan in Javelin raisings to 76.6m

Ø Mohammad Iqbal earned a silver medal in hammer throw.

Ø Ghulam Raziq won a bronze medal for Pakistan in 110m hurdle race.

Malaya Open IPOH – 1962

Games held in Malaysia-Malaya Open, Pakistan team played extremely well and placed Pakistan at the top in the list of medals. Pakistan won the open championship by attaining 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 9 Bronze medals.

4thAsian Games Jakarta – 1962

As compared to the Malaya Games, Athletes performance reduced the overall score for Pakistan, Pakistan's main athletes were displaced initially, and still Pakistan was able to manage its name in the medals list by acquiring 02 Gold, 03 Silver and 02 Bronze medals.

Commonwealth Games Perth – 1962

09 athletes performed in Games for Pakistan and achieved comparatively good performance for the country:

Ø Ghulam Raziq won Gold in his 110m H, it was a remarkable win, starting with a false and second sprint with a delay, and still he was a yard ahead from his rival at final.

Ø Mohammad Nawaz did not luck well, only 01 throw out of 05 was considered.

Ø Pakistan Ranked 4th amount 35 commonwealth nations.

C I S M Brussels – 1963

A team of 03 athletes participated in the meet, GhulamRaziq and Mohammad Nawaz were able to maintain their positions in the 110m hurdles race and javelin throw respectively.

C I S M Corona (Spain) – 1963

Athletes team consisted of Mubarak Shah, Ghulam Raziq and Mohammad Nawaz participated in the Meet, athletes tried their best but were not able to meet the required performance level, Raziq was placed 4thand Mubarak got 6th in his event.

18th Olympic Games Tokyo – 1964

A team of 6 athletes participated in these Olympics Games. On hard grounds proved to be unfruitful for Pakistan athletes, most of them were tried their best but could not qualified. In most events Pakistan athletes maintained some position but were not able to get remarkable victories for the country.

Commonwealth Games Kingston – 1966

Pakistan won 03 bronze medals in events of Commonwealth Games, while there were only 05 athletes participant from Pakistan. Mohammad Nawaz, Ghulam Raziq and Mohammad Iqbal maintained 3rd Positions in the events.

5thAsian Games Bangkok – 1966

A team of 10 athletes participated in the Games, Abdul Raziq's performance in 110m hurdles race again fruited to Gold for Pakistan.

Dual Meet USA – 1967

It was a great honor for Abdul Raziq of Pakistan to represent British Commonwealth in 120m yards hurdle race against USA. He secured 5th position in overall performance and stood 2nd amongst Commonwealth athletes.

Turkish National Championship – 1967

In National Championship held in Istanbul, besides Turkey, Pakistan and Czechoslovakia also took part. Ghulam Qadir won 02 Gold in 200m and 400m events.

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