History of Pakistan Athletics 1968 - 1987

Commonwealth Games Edinburg – 1970

Pakistan nine-man squad participated in Games, almost all of them were specialists in their tracks with a company of only one entrant, Mohammad Younas created new Pakistan record in 1500m, compiling to 3:48.40 seconds. Other athletes' performance was good enough to maintain their position in Games.

6th Asian Games Bangkok – 1970

A team of 10 athletes participated in Games, their performance was remarkable in overall progression.

Ø Mohammad Younus won silver in 3:53.2 sec for 1500m race.

Ø NomanBrinkworth secured bronze in 53.2 sec for 400m hurdle race.

Ø Yousaf Malik won bronze for Hammer Throw.

20thOlympics Games Munich – 1972

As per past records, even with best performances in over athletics activities, Pakistan's performance in Olympic Games is again compromised. A team of 04 members participated, although they performed well but their efforts were not enough to secure medals for Pakistan in Munich Olympics 1972.

Iranian Championship Tehran – 1973

A squad of 06 professional athletes participated in Games and their performance put a milestone in Iranian games, they won 04 Gold, 01Silver and a bronze for Pakistan.

Ø Mohammad Bashir won Gold in 110m Hurdles and Silver in 5000m race.

Ø Arshad Saleem won Gold in Pole Vault.

Ø Abdul Kareem won Gold in 10,000m Race.

Ø Allah Dad won Gold in Javelin Throw.

Ø Mohammad Younas won Silver in 1500m race for Pakistan.

RCD Woman Championship Iran – 1973

Pakistan's woman athletes performed well in Athletics championship held in Abadan during 1973, Athletes secured 01Gold, 03 Silver and 02 Bronze medals.

Ø Talat Sultana thrown javelin to 118 ft. 9 inches for Gold medal performance.

Ø Talat Sultana thrown discuss to a silver medal winning score of 92 ft. ¼ inch.

Ø Sylvia D' Mello won silver in 100m hurdles making it in 18.9 sec.

Ø Misbah Rasheed won silver medal in javelin throw at amplitude of 80 ft.

Ø Pakistan won bronze medal in 4x400 m relay race.

Asian Amateur Games Manila – 1973

A team of 06 athletes participated in the games, Pakistan's athletes were able to collect 02 gold and silver for Pakistan and they secured Pakistan's overall performance to 7th position amongst other nations.

7thAsian Games Tehran – 1974

Pakistan won Gold and a couple of bonze while 13 of its athletes participated in the games. Nusrat Iqbal Sahi, Sadiq, Younas and Allah Ditta were able to maintain their medals and positions as well in the games.

21stOlympic Games Montreal – 1976

During the Olympics, held in Montreal, only a couple of Athletes participated in Games, Mohammad Younas and Mohammad Siddiq. Improper and non-classified management made Pakistan's athletes performance compromised. Mohammad Younas has been trained by a Russian coach for the 1500m as well as 5000m races but, at the arrival to Montreal, he came to know that he is listed for 800m race.

China Athletes Tour – 1976

A gender mix of 20 athletes, men & women, visited China during 1976 for athletic championship with Chinese counterpart. Chinese women athletes were excelled in all events and given no place to Pakistan's women athletes. Bashir and Younas secured 1st place beyond others, they all got second position in their events.

Qaid-I-Azam Birth Centenary – 1976

The international Invitation Athletic Meet held at picturesque Aitcheson College ground Lahore. Athletes from India, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia and Nepal participated. Pakistan's performance was not as it was expected as they couldn't get any distinction. India remained at the top in list of achievements with 14 gold and 08 silver.

Ø NivaChanan Khan won gold medal for Pakistan in long jump.

Ø Sarwat Saeed, Ali, EmadFayz and EidAmer played well for Egypt.

Ø IsmetSengul and VelliBalli showed tremendously for Turkey.

Ø Indonesian girls won most of their events for their country.

Ø Malaysian Ramli Ahmed prevailed in her all sprints with her unique styles.

Ø Malaysian athlete Baljit Singh won gold in high jump, besides bronze in pole vault.

Pakistan's performance grounded to second place in medals list Acquiring 09 gold, 15 silver and 11 bronze in both men and women athletic events.

Dual China Meet Karachi – 1978

Chinese athletes perform well as compared to Pakistan's, their performance medal achievement list kept China up in the list than that of Pakistan. China won 09 out of 15 events in the meet Pakistan was able to secure 06 at the top.

Malaysian Meet Kuala-Lumpur – 1978

Pakistan's athletes proved to be a tough competitor in the games held at Kaula Lumpur, Pakistan won many of titles in the Meet. Mohammad Younas performed extremely well to manage his position amongst toppers value achievers in the Meet.

8th Asian Games Bangkok – 1978

A team of 14 athletes took part in the 8th Asian Games held at Bangkok. Mohammad Younas was able to claim silver medal in 1500m race for Pakistan. Many other athletes performed good and maintained significant positions in the Games.

1st Islamic Games Izmir – 1980

Pakistan's performance was much better as compared to other Islamic countries participated in Islamic Games,

Ø Mohammad Munir won gold medal in javelin throw.

Ø Ghulam Noorani won a bronze in hammer throw.

Ø Nasseb Gul was able to collect silver in triple jump and bronze in long jump event.

Ø Javed Akhtar secured silver medal in 400m hurdles race.

World University Games Bucharest – 1981

University grant commission sent a 3-member team of athletes to participate in the World Student Games, Ali Haider, Amir Hamza and NabeelIshtiaq were the Pakistan representatives. NabeelIshtiaq and Amir Hamza showed their best during the International Games still both of them were able to improve their personal best records. Soviet Union headed medal table. Romania was surprisingly second in the medal list. Nadia Comaneci from Romania and JieSterkel from America won 05 gold each.

Asian Meet Tokyo – 1981

A team consisted of 05 athletes participated in the meet. A total of 340 athletes from 21Asian countries participated. Japan dominated the three days completion by securing 19 gold followed by china position 2nd at the medal list acquiring 11 gold medals. India was 3rd in position by getting 05 gold medals.

Athletic Tour to China – 1981

A 13-member team of athletes visited China during 1981 and participated in o3 championships held in different areas of China. Athletes from Germany, Sweden and Mangolia also took part in the competition.

Ø In 1st competition. Pakistan makes new national record in 4x400m relay of 3:13.15 sec.

Ø In 2nd competition, Pakistan won 08 out 09 events held at Teinjan.

Ø In 3rd competition, Pakistan won 05 out of 09 events.

2nd International Friendship Championship Kuwait – 1982

Teams from China, Bahrain, India, Italy, Cyprus, USA, Algeria, Thailand and hosting Kuwait participated in the Games. From Pakistan, a 7-member team participated and won 01 silver and 01 bronze for Pakistan. China and Algeria won most of the gold medals. A team of 10 athletes' member from Pakistan also took part in international Meet 1982 held in Kuwait. Athletes performed well.

Kuwait Silver Jubilee Games – 1982

In Kuwait Championship, Athletes from USA, West Germany, Iraq, Kuwait and Pakistan participated.

Ø Pakistan Quartet won gold medal in 4x400m relay race.

Ø A new Pakistan record in 4x400 m relay race.

Ø Pakistan athletes won 05 gold, 02 silver and 02 bronze medals.

9thAsian Games Delhi – 1982

A 12 member team of athletes took part in Asian Games of 1982, and it was for the 1st time in Asian Games history that Pakistan athletes were not able to collect a single medal for Pakistan. Most athletes got positions in their events but were not much efficient to get medal.

Pakistan in China – 1983

A 5-member athletic team took part in training cum –competition held in china during 1983. Meet was designed in two competitions, 1st one held at Beijing where Pakistan athletes competed with six other local Chines athletics teams. In 2nd competition teams from West Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Romania and Thailand also took part in events and showed their performances.

1st South Asian Games Kathmandu (Nipal) – 1984

A team of 04 athletes participated in the Games, Pakistan athletes tried to give their best and were able to secure 01silver and 02 bronze medals in triple jump and javelin throw as well as shot put respectively.

Pakistan visit to China – 1984

A 9-member athletic team made a short visit to China during 14th to 28th Sep 1984, it competed in two competitions of the Meet. In 1 st meet Pakistan was competitor with 03 china host teams and 15 other nations team participating in the events. The leading athletes Olympian of 14 countries participated in the Meet.

31st C I S M Alexandria – 1984

A 12 player's team squad participated in this competition. Unfortunately no one of them was able to get position for Pakistan. Only Faryad Ali got 6 th position in 110 m hurdle.

23rdOlympic Games – Los Angeles – 1984

A 4 player's team squad participated in this competition. Unfortunately no one of them was able to get position for Pakistan. Only Muhammad Rashid got 21st position in Javelin throw.

1st South Asian Gamed – Kathmandu September, 1984

A 4 team members participated in this competition.

Ø In 400 m race HabiburRehman secured 5th position with timing of 50.40 secs.

Ø In 1500 m MeesaqRizvi finished with 6th position

Ø Haider Ali Shah got Silver medal in Triple Jump

Ø Muhammad Muneer got bronze medals in Javelin Throw and Shot Put

Pakistan tour to China September, 1984

A 9 member Pakistan Athletics Team made a short tour of China. Two International Athletic meets were held at Nanjing and Shanghai. The Pakistani team could not get any medal for Pakistan.

2nd SAF Games- Dhaka (Bangladesh) - 1985

A 9 team members were took part in this competition where in 110 hurdle Pakistan finished with 2nd position,

Ø In 110 hurdles Manzoor Ahmed won Gold medal with the time of 14.32 seconds.

Ø In Javelin Throw Muhammad Rashid got Gold medal with the distance of 73.24 m

Ø 4 X 400 m Relay race Pakistani team got Silver medal.

Ø In 100 & 200 m races Muhammad Mansha got Silver medals.

Ø In 800 m race Aman Khan got Bronze medal.

Ø In 400 m hurdle race Manzoor Ahmed won bronze medal.

Ø Kafait Hussain won bronze medal in Shot Put.

10thAsian Games - SEOUL – Sept, 1986

A 6 number of athletes from Pakistan participated in this competition. Where;

Ø Manzoor Ahmed secured 5th position in 110 m hurdle race with timing of 14.67 secs.

Ø Rashid Ahmed with a throw of 69.04 m finished with 5th position in Javelin Throw.

Ø In 4X 400 m Relay Race Pakistani team secured 8th position.

1st Asian Junior Meet – (Jakarta)-1986

Total 6 numbers of players took part in this competition.

Ø Shahid Muhammad got Silver medal in 400 m hurdle race with the timing of 53.36 secs.

Ø Muhammad Fayyaz got silver medal in 400 m race with a timing of 47.78 secs.

Ø Shahid Mahmood got bronze medal in 110 m Hurdle Race with timing of 14.71 secs.

International Meet – Delhi- Sep, 1987

Ø Meesaq Rizvi got Silver medal in ( ) with the timing of 49.60 secs.

Ø Asrargul got a Silver medal in Discuss Throw

Ø Shot Putter Ghafran Hussain got 4th position.

Ø Rashid Muhammad got 5th position in Javelin Throw with a distance of 70.50 m.

3rdSAF Games – Calcutta (India) – Nov, 1987

Total 17 players took partIn SAF Games from Pakistan, Where;

Ø Muhammad Fayyaz was succeeded to get Gold Medal 400 m race with a timing 47.24 seconds and set a new SAF Games record.

Ø Rashid Mahmood won gold medal in Javelin Throw with the distance of 71.92 m.

Ø 4X400 m Relay Race Pakistan won Gold medal with a timing of 3:11:18 mints.

Ø Haider Ali won Gold medal in Triple Jump, he covered 15.62 m.

Ø Muhammad Remzan Ali got Silver medal in 800 m race with the timing of 1:51:86 secs.

Ø Muhammad Urfaq got Silver medal in Long Jump with the distance of 7.49 m.

Ø Muhammad Aslam got silver medal in Pole Vault with the height of 4.45 m.

Ø Ramzan Ali got Bronze medal in 1500 m race with the timing of 3:50:29 mints.

Ø Noor Muhammad got bronze medal in10000 m race with the timing of 31:10:20 mints.

Ø Manzoor Ahmed got bronze medal in 400 m Hurled Race with the timing of 53:31 secs.

Ø Ghulam Bari got bronze medal in Hammer Throw with the distance of 55:58 m.

Ø Asrar Gul won Bronze medal in Discus Throw with the distance of 45.80 m.

Ø Kafait Hussain got Bronze medal in Shot Put with the distance of 15:00 m.

Ø Mansha got fourth position in 200 m race with the timing of 21:93 secs.

Ø Manzoor Ahmed and Shahid Mahmood got fourth and fifth position in 110 m hurdles.

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